As a full time serving member of the British Armed Forces I was assigned in 2014 to the US for 3 years.  My horse  was definitely not being left behind in the UK…I was lucky enough to find great reviews for Jennifer and Sam so I dropped them an email at Allan and Clover Sport Horses and it was  the best thing I ever did. They are great Trainers and amazing horse people, my horse arrived in the US and immediately settled and within 8 weeks of arriving I competed at my first horse trials  on US soil; being coached by these two amazing ladies. My riding and my horses’ way of going has improved enormously in such a short space of time; and best of all I have gained two amazing new friends. I cannot recommend them enough and I will be sad when I have to say goodbye in 2 years time.

–Maria Lavery



I am a lifelong rider and owner of three horses who has had the privilege of knowing Samantha Allan and Jennifer Clover for about ten years.  Jennifer and Samantha are both knowledgeable and experienced horsewomen, thoroughly professional, conscientious, and honest. They managed all aspects of the farm and their equestrian business exceptionally well. In addition to being accomplished competitors, they are both gifted instructors, with a good eye, calm demeanor, and clear communication skills. I recommend them unconditionally, whether you need a coach, instructor, horse trainer, agent, or consultant.

–Andrew J. Birtle,

Adult Amateur Dressage Rider

August 2015

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Jennifer Clover and Samantha Allan are upstanding horse women of the highest ideal. They care deeply about each individual horse and student and that comes across in their approach to training. They tailor their training program for each horse and rider, from those just beginning to those competing at an international level. They assist their students to set attainable goals and often succeed in helping their students to meet them. Although their specialty and focus is eventing, together, they have notable expertise in dressage, show jumping, and, of course, horsemanship in general. They take the safety and well-being of the horse and rider seriously, and you will not catch them pushing either beyond their capacities.    –Laurel Lundstrom



I love working with Jennifer!  She trains classically and correctly, which results in a happy horse and rider.  She pushes you to learn and succeed, but she’s very kind and positive.  Best of all, she taught me the skills I needed to train my horse so that our work in between lessons was productive and kept us moving forward.  I’m very lucky to have found Jennifer…she has improved my riding and my mare’s way of going immensely in the few months I’ve been training with her.  I can’t wait to see how far she can take us!

–Stefanie Bates, Clermont, FL



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