Hi there!  The Fundraiser is just around the corner – Sunday March 18th!!  We have some great new things…  First, we’ve added a silent auction to feature a week at beautiful Myrtle Beach and a stay at a Rustic Retreat here on Chesapeake Bay.  Sam & I have stayed at the Rustic Retreat and it is a slice of peaceful heaven!!


Be sure to stop by and check out Padi Hollowell’s stall signs featured above.  She is a talented artist and will be taking orders for your own, handmade stall sign.  She will have samples and is just awesome to talk to no matter what.

AND we’ve got Sam’s incredible Aunt Becky doing crystal card readings (read Tarot cards if  you are lost….).  If we are really lucky she’ll be doing some Reiki treatments.  Alternative healing at its finest.

So now you can get some lessons, stay fit, get a new stall sign for all of your favorite horses and get a crystal card reading and reiki treatment to top it all off!  WOW!  Not to mention all of the other super things you could win at the raffle!

See you Sunday!




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