Win a Month of Super Fitness Training!

Ever wonder how event riders get and stay fit for the rigors of eventing?  Well, the way we do it is with Southern Maryland Jujitsu Academy!  We take three Women’s Cardio MMA Boot Camp classes a week with 7th degree blackbelt Mr. McBroom.  Oh man do we work and as a bonus we also have fun.  There are currently 3 Allan & Clover Sport Horses clients, plus Sam and myself, who take these classes.  I have to give credit to Lee Bradshaw who got Sam started there taking the Jujitsu lessons a while back.  VERY IMPRESSIVE STUFF!

Everyone’s riding has improved as a result.  I can assure you that the strength and stamina – physical and mental – I have gained is invaluable.

So, come join us!  Mr. McBroom has generously donated a certificate for one month of unlimited Jujutsu lessons ($209 value) AND one free private Jujutsu lesson with Mr. McBroom ($300 value).

Buy your raffle tickets today to win one of these awesome gift certificates and we’ll see you out there on the mat!


PS stay tuned for more fundraise updates!


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