You Better BELIEVE

Believe, Preliminary, Marlborough Horse Trials 2011

The end of the season here in Maryland is upon us and that always makes me think about my goals for the next year.  I am always thinking about and revising andmy updating goals, but now is the time to lay out the plans for the next year.

One of my many goals this season was to move my mare Believe, aka Bree, up to  Preliminary and to possibly do an Intermediate or two at the end.  As fate  would have it, we did move up to Preliminary successfully but were not able to fit in the Intermediates.  OK, it is what it is, and we horse people know that the only constant thing we can rely on is change.  I was so thrilled with her first Prelim because she handled the show jumping with ease and grace and the cross country with boldness and maturity.  My goal for 2012 is to move her up to Intermediate and compete at the Fair Hill CCI** in October.  YES!

I have known this beatiful mare since she was 2.  She has taught me so much that I am such a better person and rider for having the opportunity to ride her. Why a better person?  Because in order to learn and push out of your comfort zone on a regular basis you must challenge your non-rider self too.   Who you are out of the saddle has a huge impact on who you are in the saddle.   You must be willing to connect in so many ways.

Why a better rider?  Because Bree is a SO sensitive that I’ve got to get everything just right in order to get things to work.  She is not shy about letting you know if you are not doing your job to the best of your ability, or to her expectations.  No short-cuts, no gimics, just simple, tried and true plain old patient training.

When Bree was 3 she shoved- and I mean shoved – past her lead horse to splash down with confidence doing her first down bank into water.  That was when I knew for sure I had a special event horse.  And I kid you not – sometimes she goes towards things she is being spooky about.  Talk about facing your fears!  She can teach all of us something about that.

Every day I learn from all the horses I ride and all the awesome students that I teach.   With all that learning, and Bree’s athleticism, talent, and boldness, you’d better BELIEVE we’ll be out there chasing our goals next season!


Believe, Preliminary, Marlborough Horse Trials, 2011


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